Posted by: Lauren Cylkowski | March 9, 2009

Grey’s Anatomy scrubs

I have gone the medical way of dressing for clinic and thought I would make a small endorsement. Barco’s line of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are simply awesome.

  • They are fitted, so they actually look good to wear, unlike most scrubs which give the appearance that you’re wearing a giant pillowcase. They also don’t get in the way when you lean over a patient on a treatment table.
  • They come in a line of different earthy and deep colors that are all very professional and pretty. No ridiculous patterns and crazy colors that many scrubs contain and take away from the professional appearance.
  • There are two big pockets in the front of the scrub top which don’t seem large, but can fit an amazing amount of material. I’ve carried water bottles in them before.
  • They are made of 77% Polyester and 23% Rayon Twill and are the softest scrubs I have ever felt. No more scratchy scrubs, these are so soft that I’ve actually worn them to bed before.

I personally have made my purchases of these off of the site . They often have very good deals but even their normal prices are significantly cheaper than what you’ll pay at a store. I have made other purchases such as a Littman stethoscope off their site and everything has been in great condition and, like I said, *significantly* cheaper than what these items are going for in stores. They ship out their items fairly quickly and have excellent customer service.

Here is a link to the scrub top and to the scrub bottom .


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